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Senior dating can be great fun! With over 3 million members and more joining every day you can be confident that you will find your perfect partner here.

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Looking to start a new relationship dating over 50?

Many senior dating over 50 sites promise love and perfect matches, here at Buzz50 Senior Dating we try to focus on you and help you to start new relationships with like minded people. Senior dating has become more popular recently as the 'stigma' has slowly disappeared and more of us are happy to admit that we met online and even that we are searching online for a possible partner.

Free senior dating over 50 sites

One of the most searched for words that go with dating is free. I bet that you are not surprised at hearing this but why do we want something that is so important to be free? Is it that we feel that we shouldn't pay for love or that everything in life should be free? Most of us would agree with the saying 'You only get what you pay for' so do we expect low quality love if we are only prepared to pay nothing? I suspect that the answer to that is a resounding 'No' so why do we keep doing it? I mean searching for free dating. Free can be be good if you are really lucky but do you want to gamble with love, especially as it may be your last chance for it? The good news is that this Buzz50 dating site is completely free to join, search, match and message so it won't cost you a penny until you are sure that it is for you. Now is a great time of the year to start online dating over 50, so scroll up the page and give it a go!

What is the most important thing for you in a new partner?

We are all looking for Mr or Mrs Right but just what is the most important characteristic that you look for in a new partner?
Maybe a sense of humour, honesty, looks or good health?
Does it have to be a combination of good points or will a few important ones be enough for you?
What are the no-no’s in your ideal person? Are they the opposite of your needs or something else?

Over 50 dating for seniors just got a whole lot better

Never has the dating scene been better for us over 50s than it is at the moment. There are so many dating sites all around the world dedicated to we seniors and many of them are doing a really good job. You will, I hope, excuse Mila and I for plugging our own buzz50.co.uk site, partly because that is where we met and mostly because we truly believe it to be the best. As well as the amazing support teams that run the Buzz50 dating site, you also have the one on one support of Mila and I if you choose to use it, and that advice and help is completely free! Please contact either of us on mila@buzz50.com or mike@buzz50.com or even mikebuzz50 on Skype if you prefer. We are here to help you on your dating journey and we love what we do :)

Does the hot weather make you ‘Hot to Date’?

The current mini heatwave here in the UK seems to be having a dramatic effect on the number of new members that we are getting on our Buzz50 Dating site for seniors over 50. This makes me wonder, does the hot weather make us Hot to Date?
People seem to be walking around with an extra spring in their step and are donning their bright summer clothes. Maybe it is the knowledge that summer is on the way and days out are here that makes us want to meet up with that someone special who we could share them with.
The bright days and longer evenings make it so much easier to meet up and offer us a much wider range of ideas of where and how to meet. The local park, the seaside if it is near enough or even a stroll around a town or village can be a great way to make that first meeting.
Enjoy the weather, join Buzz50 Dating and get out and about with a new friend today!

Words to avoid on your dating profile

We all know that what you write in your dating profile is second only in importance to your dating photos but did you know that there are certain words you should avoid? Women and men are different; you probably already knew that and so are the words they should avoid.
For women, the words to avoid include shy, trustworthy and happy; they should apparently be replaced with sexy, honest and confident. Nice and content women do not do well on dating sites or so it seems!
Men should generally avoid being vain or using such words a handsome to describe themselves. They should let women be the judge of that themselves! Words to avoid are happy, curvy and shy which should be replaced with Intelligent, honest, humorous and confident.

How recent is your dating photo?

When did you take your online dating photo? Last week, last month, last year or even the last century?
Having an up to date profile photo is really important and can make or break your dating experience.
There are many ways of getting your photo just right and here are a few tips.
First of all, make sure that the photo is recent. there is nothing quite as bad as going to meet your date for the first time, knowing that he or she is expecting a likeness of you 10 years older
Next, try not to have your main photo with more than one person in it, even if you are the better looking one! Ideally, a full body shot, clothed should be included, even if it is not the first one.
Selfies can work but if the camera or phone is too close they your image will be distorted and not good. Try and get a friend to take one for you.
If you do crop one out of a group photo then please don’t leave yourself as a tall, thin, unwanted partner!
Good quality recent photos will make all the difference to your online dating journey, so do your best to get them right.

Daters are now discussing finances at the START of their relationship!

Many daters are now discussing finances early on in their relationships.
When searching for prospective partners on a dating site, financial status is not an option so it has to be done in more subtle ways! Education is a great place to start, if you select Degree then you are far more likely to get a partner of sound financial status than if they have stated Secondary/High School.
The next stage is looking closely at what has been filled in on a profile. Do they go on holidays a lot? Are there photos of their house or car?
From there on a lot can be discovered from the messages that pass between daters. Asking about current and previous jobs can be a good pointer. If he or she is divorced then those who have suffered financially in a settlement are often only to eager to talk about it.
What is important to you in a prospective partner?
Online dating is great fun but a bit of financial stability can go a long way towards making a new relationship easier to cope with.

Spring is here and dating is in the air! - March 2017

What is it about Spring that turns our thoughts to love, romance and therefore dating? Is it the longer days, the lighter evenings, the birds and bees in the gardens and fields or just the knowledge that 'Spring is in the air'? Whatever it is there is no doubt that online dating sites, even for seniors over 50, see a boost in activity at this time of the year. If you are a senior over 50 and are considering joining an online dating site then now is as good a time as any to give it a try. Joining a dating site can be daunting but here at Buzz50 we do our best to make the journey as easy and fun as possible for you. We can't guarantee that you will meet your perfect match but we will do our best to put you in the best possible position.
If you are a senior over 50 who is completely new to dating then you may want to take things gently at first. Don't accept the first offers of a date until you have had a really good look around the site. Best to get a few photos on of yourself on and fill out as much of your profile as you can first. Do some searching and get a 'feel' for the site and the sort of people who are on it. Don't forget that you can always email me at mike@buzz50.com or Mila at mila@buzz50.com if you would like some friendly help.


Christmas is a great time to start online dating

Christmas is one of the busiest times for online dating as many singles do not want to spend another one on their own. It is a great time to meet like-minded others who also want a bit of loving company over the festive season. If you haven't yet taken the online dating plunge then now is a great time to start. there is still plenty of time to join a dating site and get established in time for Christmas. If you have any doubts or questions then please contact Mila or I on mila@buzz50.com or mike@buzz50.com and we will be here to help you on your seasonal romantic journey!

A Partner is for life and not just for Christmas!

e have all heard of the saying 'A dog is for life, not just for Christmas' but how about this for a saying?
A partner is for life, not just for Christmas!

Are you looking for a partner; maybe even one for life?
To be fair, we can try out new partners without making that 'for life' commitment; we can and should get to know and even perhaps meet a wide as possible range of possible before making that commitment.

Where and how best to do this?
On an online dating site of course!

Click here to read more about a dating partner for Christmas

Are you lucky or unlucky in love?

Some of us just seem to 'have it' and are really lucky in the dating game. Are you lucky or unlucky in love? We have been running a poll about this on our Buzz50 social networking site and you are welcome to join in and comment if you like. One great way of increasing your chances of being lucky in love is to join our dating site by using the form above and making your own luck! Don't wait to be found though, make sure that you are the hunter and not the hunted!
Click here to read more about being lucky in love and to join in with our poll

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Is love at first sight just for dreamers or does it happen to real people as well? Is it some sort of chemistry that happens between people or is it something more superficial? We are holding a poll and a forum topic across on our sister site, Buzz50.com which you may like to take part in and comment on.
Click here to read more about love at first sight and to take part in our poll.


81 percent of people lie on their online dating profiles

81 percent of people lie about their height, weight, age or salary in their online dating profiles
Are you happy with just how you are?
It seems that many of us are not, or at least a recent online dating survey seems to suggest this.
Click here to read more about how we lie on our dating profiles.


Have you ever tried online dating? POLL

Online dating over 50 works!
Dating over 50 is great fun and for many people, very successful. We recently ran a poll on our sister site, Buzz50.com Social Networking and were pleasantly surprised to see how many of us over 50s had actually tried online dating already.
Click here to read more about the poll and see the results.


One great reason to try online dating over 50

Online dating over 50 works!
What better reason could there be to try dating online if you are a senior over 50?
Come along to buzz50.co.uk where it is free to join, search and match with your perfect partner.
There are 3 golden rules that you should follow if you are to succeed in dating online over 50:
Read more about one great reason to try online dating here


How to create a great profile photo for dating

The importance of a good and accurate Avatar Photo cannot be over-stressed; it can make or break that first contact or reply. succed
Here are ten points when choosing a photo:
Read more about how to create a great profile photo for dating here


What age difference is acceptable or sensible in a relationship?

Is a big age gap between lovers, partners and married couples a problem?

Does it matter how big the age difference is?

Read more about age differences in relationships and watch the video here

 What age difference in dating is ok poll results

When is it time to start dating again after a bereavement?

Losing a partner is probably one of the worst things that happens in our lives and some of us never get over it.

One of the questions that Mila and I are often asked is when is it time to start looking for another partner. When is too soon?

It may seem like a callous question to be thinking of finding a new partner whilst still grieving for a lost loved one but some of us, many of us I believe, need a significant other, need love and almost require company.

One of the biggest obstacles to finding a new partner is guilt; the guilt of thinking that any time is too soon. The second obstacle is friends, neighbours and family. They do not share your grief in the same way and rarely understand the gaping hole that is left in your life after the loss of a partner.

So, back to the question, when is it time to start dating again after a bereavement?
Read more here

Dating diary update 5th September 2016

Would you pay to be a member of an over 50s dating site?
There are hundreds of online dating sites on The Net all plying their wares trying to get us to join.
Some of them are free to join and use in all areas, there is never a charge.
Others are free to join but require a subscription once you want to arrange a date.
A few charge for joining.
Which of the above would you consider joining?
The apparently obvious answer is not, it seems, the best one. Read more here about paying for an over 50s dating site.

Dating diary update 30th August 2016

2 days of online dating left for August and the nights are drawing in. Now is a great time to take the plunge and arrange that first date whilst the days are longer and there are more options for dating ideas. Finishing your date in the daylight and in a public place is one of the golden rules of dating over 50 or even if you are under 50! Security and safety are paramount and your opposite number will surely appreciate your sensibility. So, take the plunge before the month is over and have fun on that first date.

Dating diary update 16th August 2016

What a lovely few days we are having here in the UK with wall to wall sunshine and no rain at all, for now! Is this the best time of the year for online dating in the Northern Hemisphere? It certainly gives us all a lot more options as far as ideas for meeting up are concerned.

Dating diary update 10th August 2016

10 days into August and the site is getting really lively with plenty of new members joining every day and quite a few converting into full subscribing members. One of the great things about the Buzz50 site is how much messaging, contacting and matching that you can do without having to pay anything at all. This gives over 50 daters a chance to explore and find suitable matches without committing and without spending a penny! If you are looking for friendship, companionship, romance or even more then you have found a great place for the start of your dating journey!

Dating diary update 7th August 2016

Have you taken the plunge and joined our dating site yet? Mila and I really enjoy helping new members and get so much pleasure and satisfaction out of hearing how well our daters are doing. If you have joined or do join then please feel free to email or call either Mila or I if you would like a little advice or help. We do not claim to be expert daters but we have a lot of experience between us and can also draw on the experiences of our members.

Dating diary update 5th August 2016

Did you know that 25% of marriages of over 50 year olds in the UK are from couples who met on an online dating site? This is a staggering figure when you think about how new online dating is, particularly for us in the older generations. What is just as surprising is how open couples are now about how they met online.

Dating diary update 3rd August 2016

Three days into August and membership is soaring even if the temperatures aren't! Over 50 dating really seems to be fully accepted now; the perceived 'stigma' has all but gone and seniors are openly talking about how they are meeting others online. An interesting phenomenon is the way that many are using dating sites for casual meetings as well as serious dates. This is a great way of widening one's circle of friends and getting a real 'feel' for the variety of people that are out there looking for partners. As long as you make it clear from the start that you are primarily interested in friendship and having a fun time then there really isn't anything wrong with this approach. So, if you are a member of the Buzz50 dating site, get messaging and meeting and if you are not then why not join today?  Don't forget that joining and searching is completely free.

Dating diary update 1st August 2016

A new month is here but will it bring new prospects for you? One thing that is for sure is that the more effort that we put into our online dating endeavors, the more we get out of it. Mila and I receive loads of messages from dating site members who are waiting for something to happen and can't understand why it is taking them a so long. We reply with the same message each time; don't wait! The best way to speed up your dating experience is to be proactive and do the searching and contacting yourself. So switch on your computer, tablet, phone or laptop and let your finders do the searching!

Dating diary update 30th July 2016

There are some things that you simply should not put on your dating profile. A full and comprehensive profile is very important but here are some things to avoid at all costs. 1) Don't pretend that you are better than you are, tell the truth. 2) Don't mention how bad past relationships have been. 3) Keep details to a minimum, generalise. 3) Don't upload your profile before reading it thoroughly or ideally getting a friend to do this for you. 4) Don't comment about your own character or say something like 'My friends think I am the life and soul of parties'; let your profile do the talking. 5) Absolutely no 'text-speak' such as LOL, ROFL and TTFN.

Dating diary update 29th July 2016

One of the first things that we are encouraged to do when joining a dating site is to upload a photo or two. This in itself can result in one of the greatest online dating mistakes. The quality and type of photo that you upload really can 'make or break' your chances of finding the right partner. Take some time looking for a recent, good quality photo which actually represents who you are NOW. Too good a photo will put others off, 'is this person real'? A poor quality photo just looks bad. Remember, first impressions really do count.

Dating diary update 24th July 2016

Romance Scammers are in the news again as are false profiles which sometimes appear on dating sites. These can be a real 'put-off' especially for new dating members and particularly if they come across them early on. Most good sites will have a 'report' facility and will react to this very quickly indeed as one bad member can upset many good ones. Same old message from me; be the searcher rather than the searched and you are more likely to find real and genuine dates.

Dating diary update 19th July 2016

The hottest day of the year so far here in the UK weather wise but will it be a hot dating day for you? The only way to find out is to take the plunge, join a dating site and contact a few prospective partners. Do you know what or who you are really looking for? There is nothing wrong with searching for your dream man or woman, just because you have not found them so far doesn't mean that they are not out there. Dating over 50 has never been so much fun and Buzz50 Dating is a great place to start. So 'come on down' and begin your online dating experience here with us today.

Dating diary update 14th July 2016

So far July has proved to be a very busy month for new joiners as well as being a record one for new meetings. The longer days here in the Northern Hemisphere help to make it easier for couples to arrange convenient and safe times to get together for that very special first date. If you are thinking about taking the plunge and actually meeting up in person then July is a great month for it.

Dating diary update 6th June 2016

We have now entered one of the busiest months of the year for weddings, June. Why? Because couples traditionally like to get married when the weather is good and the first month where we can hope for that here in the Northern Hemisphere is June! Buzz50 has a wedding next week that we know of and hopefully many more that we don't! Get dating now and this time next year it could be you too.

Dating diary update 30th May 2016

Today is Spring Bank Holiday here in the UK and as with many holidays is a time when single people are more likely to find themselves on their own. This means that today is likely to be a busy one on dating sites, including our Buzz50 one!

Dating diary update 23rd May 2016

May is drawing to a close and many daters minds are turning to thoughts of the summer and what it could bring in the way of relationships and possibly even love. Summer is a wonderful time of the year to look your best and to show of who you really are. If you have a few pounds or dollars to spare then now is a great time to spend them on yourself. Maybe a new dress for the ladies, slacks and a shirt for the men and a hair makeover for both. Whatever you decide to do, try and make it something that makes you feel good as a boost to your confidence goes a long way in the dating world.

Dating diary update 20th May 2016

Have you heard that it has been reported today that almost twice as many over 75 year olds are now using the internet than they were 5 years ago? I wonder how many of them are are using dating sites like Buzz50? We have started a Poll on the Buz50 social site to find out just how many over 75s we have. Online dating is no longer just for the young but also for the young at heart, however old we are.

Dating diary update 18th May 2016

Here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting longer and the nights lighter. This gives daters more times where they can meet in the daylight and still get home without having to make early excuses! There is no doubt that dating online gets busier as the days get longer and safe meetings are a must for all of us. How many messages should you exchange before arranging your first date? Should you speak on the phone before meeting? What are the ground rules for meeting a dating stranger? Before arranging any meeting there are things that you simply must do. Tell a friend who, where and when you are meeting. Meet in the daylight and get home in the daylight. Keep in obvious contact with a friend during your date. Play safe!

Dating diary update 15th May 2016

Are you ever too old to be loved? Nearly all the Buzzers on Buzz50 say a resounding 'No' and the message they give is that you need to give love and they you will receive love back. Probably the best way to find out if there is love out there for you is to go looking! Many new members are joining Buzz50 dating every day and many of them send Mila and I their happy dating stories. Come along, join up and see if you can find love with us.

Dating diary update 2nd May 2016

The May Day weekend really went well for dating over 50 members with a record number finally taking the plunge and joining us as fully paid up members. Mila and I still recommend that you first join for free and have a good look around to see if or site suits your needs. If you have any questions, please ask away!

Dating diary update 25th April 2016

More new members are joining our over 50 dating site than ever before plus Mila and I are getting loads of inquiries from seniors who are thinking about entering the online dating scene. Please remember that you can call Mila or Mike on +44 (0)7548884288 or email mila@buzz50.com or mike@buzz50.com and ask any questions that you want. We are here to help you with your relationships and maybe even to find love for you!

Dating diary update 7th April 2016

What is it about Spring that brings all the new daters onto the dating scene? Is it the improvement in the weather, men and ladies going around in new outfits or the slow disappearance of those long and dark evenings? Whatever it is, hurrah for Spring!

Dating diary update 4th April 2016

A crowd of Buzzers descended on Nottingham Town Center on Saturday and a lot of fun was had! Not all Buzzers were interested in dating but fun and friendship can be a great thing in itself. 

Dating diary update 1st April 2016

Buzzers are gearing up for the 'Meet' in Nottingham tomorrow where friends from all around the country will be getting together for a chat, meal and maybe even a drink or two! The exact location is only available to members but photos will be posted afterwards! The couple who are to get married in June will be in attendance!

Dating diary update 31st March 2016

We have another wedding planned for June this year, 2016. Two members have got together over the past 6 months and are finally tying the knot. Buzz50 dating is the place to find your true love and soulmate.

Dating diary update 29th March 2016

7 new members joined our UK site yesterday and 7 the USA site. Lucky numbers! We seem to be getting more popular in the USA now which must be a good thing for all of us. The more members we have then the more we have to choose from!


Buzz50 Seniors Dating over 50

Our site is especially designed to help those of us who have reached mid-life and are looking for a new partner.
Many over 50s Dating sites claim to have the perfect system for matching partners and here at Buzz50 Dating we are no exception.
Our unique systems are second to none and our range of members throughout the UK has to be seen to be believed.
We are so proud of our service that we even have a Freephone telephone line to our UK Customer Care Team.

The Buzz50 over 50 dating sister site

Our site is the sister site of Buzz50 Seniors social networking site which has forums, chat rooms and a friends section with profile pages.
Buzz50 Dating is part of a network of sites, so you can connect with other users to improve your chances of finding the perfect match.

* BBC’s The Apprentice calls upon Global Personals for dating industry expertise and one team creates an over 50 dating site - Read more here

** Hello Mike, I thought you'd like to know your dating site may just have had its first wedding! I joined the dating side of Buzz just over a year ago and we were married in church two weeks ago on the 20th September (2014 - original message is held on record) Read more here about this online dating wedding

UK singles spend over £5 billion on dating

Online dating has taken off here in the UK with over £5 billion being spent in 2015, up from £4 billion in 2014.

More and more singles are finding that it is money well spent and that dating online really can work.

What of the free dating sites? These have their place but the professionally run sites who charge for their services can then afford to give a professional service and employ highly trained people to help members and weed out romance scammers - Read more here


Online dating over 50 help and advice with Mike and Mila is launched today!

Mike and Mila have today launched their online dating over 50 help and advice service. It is completely free and draws on both their own experiences and expertise and those of the Buzz50 dating members, past and present. Online dating should be both  safe and fun experience so if you are either new to online dating or already a member of a dating site, either this one or another, then this service should help you on your way.

If you are thinking of joining this or any dating site but are unsure about any aspect of online dating then please feel free to email mike@buzz50.com or mila@buzz50.com and we will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Mila and I are not experts but we like to think that we are friendly, approachable and experienced! If you prefer you can phone us on UK 07548 884288 or International +447548 884288 or Skype mikebuzz50

A new forum topic on our sister site was added today, inviting social members to find out more about the dating scene, you can read more about it here.

Spring Dating is in the Air

Spring is in the air and many singles' thoughts turn to happier things such as gardening, trips out and yes, dating! Many of us have managed to get through the winter as singles but can you face a bright and cheerful Spring on your own? If the answer to this is either no, 'maybe not' or 'I don't know' then perhaps now is the time for you to finally take the plunge and give online dating a chance.
Read more about Spring Dating is in the Air here




How to join a senior dating site

Join senior dating site over 50

Joining a senior dating site for over 50s can be easy and fun if you know how.
In this video, Mike from Buzz50 Dating explains how.

Choosing and uploading a photo

Seniors profile photos   

Your dating photo or 'avatar' is the first and maybe the only thing that
visitors may see about you so this video gives you valuable tips and advice.